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Tips to Help You Decide Whether to Use an Electric or a Manual Toothbrush for the Best Dental Care.
General dental health is very important and should never be neglected. It is important to understand that bad dental hygiene can cause serious health problems including respiratory infections and also cardiovascular diseases. This is why you need to train your child, at a very early age the importance of oral health and why they should make it a habit to always clean their teeth, tongue, and gum properly.
As a good dental practice you have to brush your teeth. Ensure that you are using the right method when brushing your teeth. There are two types of toothbrushes that you can use for brushing your teeth. It is important that we discuss both in this article so that we can have the best understanding of the toothbrush that will get your mouth the cleanest.
Manual toothbrushes are the original form of brushing teeth that have been used for centuries. Manual Toothbrushes are not complicated to use and also they come in various levels of softness, styles, colors, and also the material used in manufacturing them are different. These types of toothbrushes are available everywhere. You get enough toothbrushes to use almost the entire year with just a few dollars, always remember that you should replace your toothbrush after every three months. Removing food debris and plaque is possible using the manual toothbrush.
However, a manual toothbrush has some limitations, including it does not effectively remove plaque and the food debris this Plaque is what is going to damage your teeth because of the continuous buildup.
On the other hand, the following are the advantages of using an electric toothbrush. If you have health issues that affect your mobility the best toothbrush to use is the electric type, especially because it is easy to use. When you want to improve your dental health, change your manual toothbrush to an electric one because it will clean your teeth better.
The electric toothbrush also has an in-built electric timer, this ensures that you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes which is a good way when building the best dental hygiene habits for adults and children. It is not easy to find the replacement heads for the electric toothbrush, you might be required to place a special order for the replacement head because normally they are not sold in regular stores and finding the electric brush in a regular local store can be an issue, you also need a set of extra batteries.
Now that you understand the advantages of using a manual or an electric toothbrush you will be able to choose the most suitable for your child’s oral hygiene.