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Why You Need To Own A Shorthaired German Pointer Puppy

Many people take it for granted if they have acquired a puppy. It is not. Though dogs have become our best friends, it is still good to own one you love and which you will be able to look after. If you want to keep a pet today, there are several choices to try. However, you should not miss a chance to own a shorthaired German pointer dog. To own one and keep it, check for the available shorthaired German pointer puppies for sale today.

But why would a family adopt the shorthaired German pointer today instead of any other breed? First, we know that these dogs are versatile, medium-sized dogs. They are enthusiastic gundog that can be used for all trades, but it only requires vigorous exercising, training positively, and need to be shown love.

What you need to know about this breed
The shorthaired German pointer is not your ordinary breed. There are specific characteristics that you have to understand before you adopt one. For example, this breed adapts well to living in apartments, suitable for first-time dog owners, and tolerates being left alone. It withstands bad weather such as both cols and hot.

When it comes to friendliness, it’s an all-rounder. It’s an affectionate dog, friendly to other pets, kids, and strangers.

You need to groom and take care of its health. It can gain weight when looked after, generally has good health, it is easy to groom and a good amount of shedding.

For the first-time dog owners, they will have an easy time training their puppies, very intelligent, prey drive, wanderlust potential, and tendency to howl or bark.

One characteristic that you will get from this dog is its superb hunting skills. However, it’s also an excellent family companion.

The shorthaired German pointer is energetic. For this reason, owners need to take it for exercising for over 30 minutes. However, you need to keep it on a leash when going out daily. If you fail to take these puppies out for exercise, they become destructive and nervous.

One thing not to do is leaving these puppies alone for long hours. You must keep them busy because they are intelligent to avoid bad behavior.

Today, most people who love to buy their first shorthaired German pointer do so because they are a popular breed in the US. They are medium-sized with water-repellant coats and webbed feet. With a clean-cut head and long muzzle that make it attractive.

So, are you in love with this breed? If so, then you need to start looking for a new pup. At Canis Magnus Kennels, you get to own a puppy that will end up becoming your friend and companion for years to come.

You might want to order female pups, and this requires that you visit the breed’s site and make your order. It might take some months before you get a confirmation for your order.

To those who want males, you can visit the breeder’s webpage and make your first order. There are a few available litters, and you will love the pups.

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